Become a Corporate Partner

When Skyline’s founder educational psychologist the late John S Cheetham established the Skyline Education Foundation, he did so, understanding the power of education to make a lasting difference in the lives of highly able young people with the intellectual capacity to make a major contribution to the world, but little or no ability to change the circumstances of their background.

Your organisation can become a valued Skyline Partner in many ways!

Please consider:

  • Making an annual or ongoing donation
  • Offering volunteers to support Skyline’s work
  • Providing Pro-Bono services
  • Hosting a function in your facilities
  • Sponsoring a Skyline Education Foundation Australia event·      
  • Introducing Skyline to aligned clients or colleagues
  • Supporting your employees to regularly donate through pay roll to Skyline – see Workplace Giving

To discuss your interest in becoming a Skyline Corporate Partner, please Contact Us.