The Skyline Education Foundation Australia Chairman and Board are pleased to share with you our 2016 Annual Review. This Review provides a wonderful overview of our work for the year, including student, Board and staff profiles. We are extremely grateful to the donors, sponsors, in-kind supporters, patrons, and partner schools who have enabled us to deliver this vital work providing intensive support to talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Some of

The first stage of the 10th Anniversary Expansion Appeal raised $85,575. The generosity of our supporters has meant that in 2017 Skyline will be supporting more students than ever before.  Not only has this meant an expansion of the current program, but Skyline has also launched a program in Geelong to assist students in the Barwon region to stay in school and achieve their academic potential. Today, Skyline launches Stage

The Skyline Education Foundation is pleased to announce the expansion of its two-year VCE Bursary Program to Geelong in 2017.  The Skyline Board made a decision to establish the program in a new region and Geelong was identified as a significant area of need.  After local consultation and advice, a firm decision was made in favour of Geelong as a significant area of strategic importance. Key people in the Geelong

Just as Spring is a time of renewal and growth, so it is for the Skyline program. We are renewing the program with a fresh intake of students and we are growing with a pilot program in Geelong. Fifty Year 10 students from our well-established partner schools have been nominated for 2017-2018 bursaries and the comprehensive selection process is now all but complete. It is a privilege to work closely

On 2nd September Frank Locco died tragically as a result of a snorkeling accident in the Philippines. Frank has been an enthusiastic supporter and friend to Skyline since late 2001 when Chandler Secondary College, now Keysborough College, became a ‘partner school’ in the pilot program. He was a dedicated and passionate teacher who made a real and lasting difference to the students he taught and mentored over many years. Frank

At the 10th Anniversary Chairman’s Reception on May 26th it was formerly announced that Skyline has ambitious Expansion Plans both in Melbourne and the Geelong region, so that we can offer more Skyline Bursaries than ever before to help more talented but disadvantaged students. The facts below will put this expansion plan into context. 23% of Victorian 19 year olds have not completed year 12 or an equivalent 40% of Australia’s poorest 19 year

During 2015, as always, the Foundation partnered with students, their schools and families, workshop providers and other stakeholders, working closely with everyone concerned to equip an extraordinary group of students to survive, thrive and lead in an ever-changing educational and economic landscape. The Career Educators Association of Victoria partnered with the Foundation in delivering the annual workshop program, Trinity College, University of Melbourne partnered with Skyline students in an informal

All those who attended the Year End Celebration were fortunate to hear the Key Note speech from Katrina Reynen. Please find a copy of her speech below: To be gifted or talented or ‘of high potential’ and disadvantaged is a particular double challenge for young people. For a bright young student to know that they are capable of performing very well academically yet are being hindered by life circumstances, can

Spring is upon us – a time of change – and time to reflect on an absolute certainty faced by the adults of the future and that is – Change, rapidly accelerating Change. What our Skyline program does is to equip its students with the ability to cope with change, transitions and the future challenges that will require them to be resilient in response to new labour market demands. This

On Thursday 16th July, the Skyline Alumni held its official launch event.  The event was attended by former bursary recipients spanning from the first intake of students in 2003 through to our most recent graduates, as well as by Skyline Board members and staff. The launch proved a great opportunity for young professionals and students to be reunited or to meet for the very first time, allowing all Alumni to