Expanding the Skyline of the Future......

2017 marks Skyline’s second decade of supporting socially and financially disadvantaged students through the final two years of secondary school.

In Stage 1 of the 10th Anniversary Expansion Appeal, we raised $85,575. 

In Stage 2 we aim to reach $175,000 by 31 March 2017.

Through the money raised in Stage 1 Skyline has;

  • Increased its student intake numbers
  • Launched a new program running in Geelong
  • Welcomed a new Program Coordinator to the Skyline team

If we can reach the target of $175,000, Skyline hopes to further increase its reach through more partner schools and more students from 2018 on.

We are a not for profit organisation entirely supported by non-government funding.

How good would you feel knowing you had helped a disadvantaged or under-resourced student achieve their potential?

Join our growing list of 10th Anniversary Expansion Appeal supporters by donating generously to Stage 2 of the Skyline Expansion Appeal.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible

Stage 2 Anniversary Steps

Skyline gratefully acknowledges our supporters who share our passion to break the cycle of disadvantage and support our work to Expand the Skyline of the Future for talented and disadvantaged students.

Adam Keyte

Alicia & Cameron Rennie

Alison Emerson

Allison Gibson

Anne Stonier


Arvanitis Philanthropy

Barbara Brodbeck

Barbara Van Ernst AM

Ben Albrecht Jewellery

Benjamin Pedley

Blondie Bar

Bruce Parncutt and Robin Campbell

Cate Burton

Chris Canavan

Christine O'Reilly

David Patterson


Dynamic Labs

I & J Phillips

James Orloff

Jamie & Heather McPhee

Jasmin Isobe

Kate & Doug Allen

Konrad Bohleke

Kwong Lee Dow AO

Larry Sakellarides

Marina Zhang

Maze Productions

Mim Bartlett

Nicky Long

Orloff Family Charitable Trust

Owen Kerr

Peter Hollingworth AC OBE

Robert Bosch Australia Pty Ltd

Robert Flude

Rodney Richardson

Senate SHJ

Stuart Worn

Sunita Devi

Susie Tilley

Taussig Cherrie Fildes

The Australian Grand Prix Corporation

Thely Nguyen

The Windsor Hotel

Tim & Su-Anne Stoltz

Tonya Roberts

Vicki McConchie

Wayne Lynch Jewellers

Wyndham Hotel Group

  • 10th Anniversary Student Bursary

  • Uniform & Fees

  • Careers Workshop

  • Myki Card

  • Donate an amount of your choice